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Eddie Robinson's New Podcast at Age 100

This week, Eddie Robinson, MLB's "Big Easy" turned 100. His birthday, celebrated on a Texas Rangers conference call and drive-by parade in his neighborhood made national news. One of the best birthday stories was written by Forbes columnist Nick Diunte, who drew out the centurion's willingness to venture into the new age of Podcasting with this show, The Golden Age of Baseball by Eddie Robinson. Co-produced with a retired Marine friend and fellow golfer, Robinson hopes to funnel Podcast proceeds toward Alzheimer's research.

Over the past few years I've recorded Eddie's memories, from his rough-hewn childhood in Paris, Texas, that reads like a Horton Foote play, to his 65-plus years in baseball. The best stories are told in his deep, barreling voice with an old-school Texas accent, thus, my message to you, your kids and grandkids, is to listen to his new Podcast, where you'll hear about Babe Ruth, Bob Feller, Mickey Mantle, Eddie's years in the Navy, and World Series memories from 1948 with tips on getting through life's hurdles. Happy listening, please spread the word about this Podcast!


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